The four Yugas as per Sanatan Dharma


EACH of the four Yugas, as described by the ancient Hindu sages, has a correspondence with one of the four powers of Maya, the darkness of Illusion that hides from man his Divine nature.
four yugas

Each Yuga brings to mankind in general an opportunity to control and understand one of these universal powers.

The four Illusions, Avidyas, of Maya, counting from the grossest to the most subtle, are:

  1. Atomic form, Patra or Anu, the world of gross material manifestation, wherein the One Substance appears as innumerable objects
  2. Space, Desh, whereby the idea of division is produced in the Ever-Indivisible
  3. Time, Kal, whereby the mind conceives of change in the Ever-Unchangeable
  4. Vibration, Aum, the universal creative force which obscures our realization of the Ever-Uncreated

The Yugas

  • In Kali Yuga,the knowledge and power of man is confined to the world of gross matter (Bhu Loka, first sphere) and his state or natural caste is Sudra, a menial or dependent of Nature.

    During this Yuga, his mind is centered on the problems of material objectivity, the Avidya of Atomic Form.

  • In Dwapara Yuga,man gains a comprehension of the electrical attributes, the finer forces and more subtle matters of creation.


    He is then said to belong to the Dwija or twice-born class, since his mind has arisen form the grave of belief in materialism, and he now understands that all matter, atomic form, is in the last analysis nothing but expressions of energy, vibratory force, electrical attributes.


    During the course of this Age of Dwapara, man is given the power to annihilate the Avidya, Illusion, of Space, and the second limitation of Maya is thereby conquered. During this span, man’s mind is centered on the problems of the second sphere of creation (Bhuba Loka) which, by the absence of gross matter and the presence only of Nature’s finer electrical matters or energies, is called Shunya, the Vacuum Ordinary.

  • In Treta Yuga,man extends his knowledge and power over the attributes of universal magnetism, the source of the positive, negative, and neutralizing electricities, and the two poles of creative attraction and repulsion.


    His natural state or caste in this period is that of Bipra, or perfect (human) class, and he succeeds in piercing the third veil of Maya, the Illusion of Time, which is Change.

    The present state of development of human intelligence in this, our own Dwapara Age, is not sufficient to enable us to even dimly understand the problems of the third sphere of Nature (Siva or Swa Loka), that will be met and mastered by the men of Treta Yuga, whose next appearance is scheduled to start in the year 4098 A.D. This third sphere, of universal magnetism, being characterized by the absence of all matter, whether gross or fine, is called Maha Shunya, the Great Vacuum.

    In Treta Yuga, the intelligence of man, having penetrated the secrets of the finer material forces of Nature, of Bhuba Loka, in the preceding Age of Dwapara, now comes upon the solution of the mysteries of Swa Loka, the source and origin of all matter-energies, gross and subtle, thus being enabled to comprehend the true nature of the universe. In this state, man’s intelligence is sufficiently purified to grasp the principles of Chittwa, universal Heart Atom, magnetic third portion of Creations and throne of Purush, Spirit, the Creator.

    Chittwa, the throne, has seven attributes – five kinds of electricities, Panch-Tatwa, the five Root-Causes of creation, and two magnetic poles, one of attraction, Buddhi, the Intelligence which determines what is Truth, and one of repulsion, Manas, the Mind, which produces the ideal world for enjoyment. These seven attributes appear to the spiritual sight as of seven different colors, as in a rainbow.

    The throne of universal magnetism, Chittwa, and its seven attributes, have been compared in the Bible to a sealed casket of knowledge, which no man under Maya, even in Satya Yuga (heaven) can fully understand:

    • And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the back side, sealed with seven seals. And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, ‘Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof?’ And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.
       – Rev. 5:1-3.
  • In Satya Yuga,man comprehends the source of universal magnetism with its principle of duality, or polarity, and his intelligence reaches out to grasp the mystery of Vibration, Aum, the creative power that sustains the universe.
    • These things saith the Amen (Aum), the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God.
       – Rev. 3:14.

    If this fourth and last sheath of Maya is thus removed, in the Golden Age, from the eyes of the perfected man, he passes on to the fifth sphere. In this state, freed from the four Illusions, he is called Brahman, knower of the Creator, Brahma, the spiritual light and only Real Substance of the universe.


    The fourth sphere, Maha Loka, is the connecting link between the three lower Lokas, worlds, and the three spiritual Lokas above, and is thus called Dasamadwar, the Door.

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