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The Vedic God: An Evolutionary Journey

The sections of the Vedas that deal with the various facets of the Supreme Consciousness is an articulation of the entire experience that the Vedic seers underwent, in their quest to realize that one...


परमात्मा के विविध नाम

किसी का भी संबोधन हम उसके नाम से करते हैं | नाम हमारे गुणों के सूचक हैं नियमानुसार रखे जाए अतः नाम गुण, कर्म और स्वभाव अनुसार रखे जाते हैं | उस परमात्मा के...


Hinduism is a Concept of One God

There is always a confusion in our own society & other communities about the concept of one god. They ask us the same question, Confusion related to 33 crore heavenly bodies or the demi-gods....