Misconception of Caste System and Brahmin Supremacy in Hinduism

Whole world think that India has many castes which are main reason of discrimination of people but its very very big misconception of caste system spread around the world to defame culture of India because it was the biggest systematically designed system for people from thousands of years. Now let me tell you what is meaning of varna and caste system in India and how its was started.


In Ancient India there were two great saints, one was saint Bhrigu and other was saint Bhardwaj. They met to discuss how to structure a stable society for human being to live proper life, First they recognised the four sources which are
1. Knowledge
2. Weapons
3. Wealth
4. Land

They decided to make system where nobody has more than one of that. These should not be in one hand, not even two should be in one hand. So those who has knowledge will not have wealth, will not have weapons and will not have lands. Those who will have weapons will rule the country but they will not make policy. They need to go to people having knowledge to seek their permission and advice. Those who are having wealth, their social status will be decided by the how much philanthropy they do not by their wealth. Those who has lands have to produce for the society. In fact none of these four category or “varna” was based on by birth.

People think that brahmins used to had supremacy in india  and they use to rule the india but it was totally wrong because many of the big saints which are worshiped in Hindu society were from the family which are known as shudra now a days like Ved Vyasha who was a Maharishi, who wrote the Mahabharat,  His mother was a fisher women. Maharishi Valmiki who wrote the Ramayan was considered as child of a Dalit women. Kalidasha who is the greatest poet our country has produced, was a Hunter. Rishi Vishwamitra who was considered as Rishi of Rishi was born in Kshatriya family. It proves that Hindu Dharma does have have varna or caste on the basis of Birth. There is a big list where people from shudra or dalit family became brahmins and shatriy and even many people born from brahmin family became shudra as Ravana was a Brahmin whom no Hindu worship even he is called as rakshash means devil and was killed by a shtriy Shri Rama with the help of dalits because Vanar which is considered as monkey is wrong because van means forest and nar means human so vanar was the humans from forest and they helped shatriy as army to win over a brahmin who was considered as shudra). Hanuman who is worshiped all across the India even outside of India was not a brahmin or shatriy he was the normal human from the people of forest but he was considered as worship able because of his bravery and hard working.

So every Hindu needs to understand that caste system is not by birth and should reject it completely, Basically caste system was misunderstood by western world and now even Indian people do not know what actually cast system is. This was also made by wise peoples to classify the professions based on their knowledge and wisdom. When whole world use to live in caves and was not aware about professions and service India has 6500 classification of professions like  locksmith, goldsmith, barber etc are profession which were used as caste in India from thousands of years which shows that india was aware of different professions and services and classified them when whole world was in caves.

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